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Thursday, January 05, 2006


- you will find yourself in a room with a fridge-like contraption (could be a safe)
- click on the fridge/safe to cause a mice to escape and crawl into the hole at the top of the room
- click on the hole twice to cause a power plug to fall on top of the fridge/safe
- click on the power plug to pick it up, then click on the power switch to the left of the room that is powering the light
- click on the cable that is lying on the floor
- click on the cable again to pick it up and connect it to the power outlet
- the fridge/safe will begin to shake and move to the left, revealing a manhole
- before entering the manhole, click on the exit to the right of the screen
- pick up the torchlight that is located on the wall nearby your character and the light
- click on the hook at the top of the manhole to reveal the exit

- you'll find yourself in a small room flooded with water
- click on the flush handle to cause the water to recede
- click on the handle that is on the pipe (you will only see this handle when the water has gone down)
- if you don't succeed at clicking on the handle before the water goes up, just click on the flush handle to try again
- you need to flush the water twice, on the second attempt there will be another handle that you have to turn which is just next to the ladder (only visible when the water goes down)
- click on the hole which has appeared to exit the small room
- you will find yourself in another room with a large handle and three smaller handles at the top
- click on the small handles until they are all aligned and all the red marks are pointing in the same direction
(meaning that all the red dots must point to the top and the bottom exactly, like a plus sign)
- when you have the small handles aligned, click on the large handle to cause the water to recede
- this is quite difficult to get right, but with a few attempts you should be able to do it
- now click on the exit to the right

- you'll be at a familiar place, the same area where you got your torchlight from
in the lower room, the one you're in, you will find a box with two buttons and a rope that has some sort of coin attached to it
- click on the round object at the end of the rope to insert it into the box
- click on one of the button to cause a robot to appear with a wrench
- the two buttons actually corresponds to the type of wrench that the robot will hand to you
- you will need both to open the machine by unscrewing the screws
- the robot will only appear when you press the button with the small object inserted and the indicator light is red
- you have to return the wrench before the robot will hand you another one, although you need to go through the whole 'insert coin' segment again
- once you have used both type of wrenches to open the cover, tinker with the machine to remove the cables and cause it to malfunction
- now you will crawl through the area with water and the room with the fridge/safe automatically to appear at the top portion of the cave with the alien
- click on the hole that the ladder connects to to enter the room at the top with fruits
- click on the switch that is next to the hole that the fruits are appearing from to close it and prevent more fruits from being dropped into the basket
- pick up the fruits from the right basket and put it in the left basket
- keep doing this until the right basket is empty
- click on the right basket to climb into it, and you will find yourself stuck in a jar


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