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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Samorost 2 Complete Walkthrough

Samorost 2 Copyright Amanita Design (Website)
All Rights Reserved
Interview with creator Jakub Dvorsky here.

level codes

- click on the kennel to begin

Saturday, January 07, 2006


- click on your character
- click on the green bug on top of one of the trees
- place the green bug on the vine that is holding you captive
- click on the lower left side of the screen to exit the area

- click on the entrance to enter the large shell
- click on the middle jar to pop the cork
- move your mouse cursor to the left side of the screen to reveal more of the area
- click on the small anteater to make it fall off, put the cork into the hole the large anteater was drinking from before it picks up the small anteater and place him back on the pipe
- enter the house again, and push your mouse cursor to reveal the right side of the area
- (inside the house) turn the right handle which is just to the left of the pot
- click on the creature that is holding onto one of the plants with long stems to cause it to jump off
- click on the creature again to make it jump to another plant and cause some seeds to land in the pipe
- (left area) click on the long handle next to the large anteater repeatedly to pump water into the pot
- turn the handle just below the pot to boil the water
- turn on the pipe just above the bucket to cause the snail to drink it and fall asleep
- pick up the hammer and return to the area where your ship landed
- hit the robot on the head with the hammer to open the chute and enter it

Friday, January 06, 2006


- click on the right side of the large pipe you're standing on to walk to that area, causing the pipe to break and a fly to appear
- if you look carefully, there's a stone at the bottom left that is preventing the bug from crawling up the cliff
- click on the stone to make it fall off
- this part requires a bit of timing. see the creature with a long tail that is hanging off a branch?
- click on it when the bug is just next to it to make the creature eat it
- the creature will vomit some stuff which will land on the pipe
- click on the fly, the stuff that the creature vomited will attract the fly
- click on your character to make him jump and shake off the stuff from the pipe and scare the fly away
- the fly will be trapped by the spider's web on the top right, and a spider will appear to cocoon it in it's web
- click on the cocoon itself to use it as a rope and reach the hole on the bottom right

Thursday, January 05, 2006


- you will find yourself in a room with a fridge-like contraption (could be a safe)
- click on the fridge/safe to cause a mice to escape and crawl into the hole at the top of the room
- click on the hole twice to cause a power plug to fall on top of the fridge/safe
- click on the power plug to pick it up, then click on the power switch to the left of the room that is powering the light
- click on the cable that is lying on the floor
- click on the cable again to pick it up and connect it to the power outlet
- the fridge/safe will begin to shake and move to the left, revealing a manhole
- before entering the manhole, click on the exit to the right of the screen
- pick up the torchlight that is located on the wall nearby your character and the light
- click on the hook at the top of the manhole to reveal the exit

- you'll find yourself in a small room flooded with water
- click on the flush handle to cause the water to recede
- click on the handle that is on the pipe (you will only see this handle when the water has gone down)
- if you don't succeed at clicking on the handle before the water goes up, just click on the flush handle to try again
- you need to flush the water twice, on the second attempt there will be another handle that you have to turn which is just next to the ladder (only visible when the water goes down)
- click on the hole which has appeared to exit the small room
- you will find yourself in another room with a large handle and three smaller handles at the top
- click on the small handles until they are all aligned and all the red marks are pointing in the same direction
(meaning that all the red dots must point to the top and the bottom exactly, like a plus sign)
- when you have the small handles aligned, click on the large handle to cause the water to recede
- this is quite difficult to get right, but with a few attempts you should be able to do it
- now click on the exit to the right

- you'll be at a familiar place, the same area where you got your torchlight from
in the lower room, the one you're in, you will find a box with two buttons and a rope that has some sort of coin attached to it
- click on the round object at the end of the rope to insert it into the box
- click on one of the button to cause a robot to appear with a wrench
- the two buttons actually corresponds to the type of wrench that the robot will hand to you
- you will need both to open the machine by unscrewing the screws
- the robot will only appear when you press the button with the small object inserted and the indicator light is red
- you have to return the wrench before the robot will hand you another one, although you need to go through the whole 'insert coin' segment again
- once you have used both type of wrenches to open the cover, tinker with the machine to remove the cables and cause it to malfunction
- now you will crawl through the area with water and the room with the fridge/safe automatically to appear at the top portion of the cave with the alien
- click on the hole that the ladder connects to to enter the room at the top with fruits
- click on the switch that is next to the hole that the fruits are appearing from to close it and prevent more fruits from being dropped into the basket
- pick up the fruits from the right basket and put it in the left basket
- keep doing this until the right basket is empty
- click on the right basket to climb into it, and you will find yourself stuck in a jar

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


- you will find yourself in the next room
- the large alien sitting on the couch will pick up the jar and swallow you whole, then puke you out
- now watch what happens next, he will press a button on his couch (this button is important later), which will cause a vine to grab you
- you will find yourself in the hole at the top of the room (not visible)
- see your dog in the cage? it's chasing after the sausage tied to a rope
- click on the rope and place it on the skull with horns
- this will reverse the fan and cause the large alien's hat to get stuck to the fan
- remember that button on the sofa that he had rested his right hand on? he will use that hand to grab the hat which is stuck to the fan, revealing the button
- click on the button when it is revealed to release yourself, and quickly click on the sofa to push it closer to the television
- the large alien will attempt to click on the button again, thus trapping himself this time
- a key to the dog cage will fall out
- click on the cage key to pick it up and use it on the keyhole to release your dog
- click on the button to the left of the exit to open it
- watch the escape cutscene
- click on the area where your ship crash lands

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


- click on the parachute on the ground that is covering your barking dog
- click on the bottom of the pole that is holding up your parachute to cause the dog to push it
- of course, this is not enough to release you
- you need to click on yourself as well, there's a bit of timing involved here
- when the pole sways to the right on the second time, click on yourself to be released from your parachute
- takes a bit of practice but you will get it right
- you need a transport now once you have released yourself
- you need to do this part quickly. notice the two creatures, one that is overturned and the other that is smaller? this is your ride
- click on the butterfly when it is resting in the middle of the screen to cause it to fly towards the flower to the right
- the flower will sprout a long leaf, quickly click on the small creature on the ground to pick it up and place it on the leaf
- this will cause the large creature to overturn itself into an upright position
- now click on the large creature to ride it and proceed to the next area

Monday, January 02, 2006


- click on the man. he will ask for a pipe
- click on the bell that is hanging off his hat to pick it up
- place the bell on the end of the left branch of the same tree where the bird is sitting on it's nest
- a pipe will fall out
- click on the pipe to pick it up
- click on the man to give the pipe to him
- he will ask for a pouch, and point to the hole that is underneath him
- click on the hole to send your dog into it

- the pouch is hidden on the right side of the screen, inside the resting place of the angry creature
- click on the hidden pouch to reveal it
- click on the pool of water to drink it
- when it returns to it's original place to bark at the angry creature, click on the small plant just right behind it to water it and make it grow
- keep watering it this way three times to reveal a bone in a small hole at the top of the screen
- click on the bone to pick it up and give it to the angry creature
- click on the pouch to pick it up

- the dog will return to the area with the smoking man and drop the pouch on the floor
- click on the pouch to pick it up and give it to the man
- he will pour powder into his pipe and light it up, releasing a bug in the act
- click on the bug to follow it to the next screen

Sunday, January 01, 2006


- on this screen, you will find a sleeping man with your escape transport, the taxi
- click on the lighthouse entrance to enter it
- click on the cupboard to reveal a kettle and some jars
- turn the handle once to pour water into the kettle
- pour coffee once into the kettle
- click on the kettle to pick it up and put the kettle over the fire at the top of the lighthouse
- wait for the kettle to boil
- exit the house and click on the rope to ring the bell
- the sleeping man will open his mouth, this is the time to pick up the kettle and pour hot coffee into his mouth
- he will wake up
- now click on the area that you were standing at when you enter this area to exit the building
- the contraption at the foot of the hill has a pump and a balloon on top of it
- click on the balloon to pick it up
- now click on the winding path to climb up the mountain

- there is a pipe on the right
- next to the pump on the left side is a place that you can place your balloon
- click on it to place your balloon
- click on the longest weed to pick it up (tallest plant)
- there is a sleeping seal-like creature on the top of the mountain to the right
- click on it's nose to tickle it and make it sneeze, causing the pitchfork which was previously stuck to land in the bucket
- click on the pitchfork to move some feed into the feeding area
- you need to move the handles on the bottom left to coordinate with the feeding seals so that the bubbles that they release will be captured by the pipe
- also, you need to be quick to click on the pump at the top of the left mountain to absorb the bubble's air into your own balloon
- you need to absorb the bubbles before they pop
- do this three times to expand the balloon to it's maximum
- click on the expanded balloon to pick it up
- once you have the expanded balloon, click on samorost/guy in white suit to exit the area with your new item

- put the expanded balloon on the contraption, back at where you got it from
- there's a place that you can click on the taxi that is just next to it's mast/pole
- click on that area to climb onto the taxi
- now, timing is required here. if you fail to refuel the ship you need to do add more air into the balloon again, meaning another climb up the mountain for air refill
- click on the area again to make the guy in white suit jump, causing the taxi to go down
- click on the handle that releases the air in the balloon when your ship is positioned just right for the pump to connect
- immediately click on the pump that will cause the pipe to connect to the taxi and refuel it
- you know you've succeeded if the animation shows a bulge coming out of the contraption and into the taxi
- if you don't succeed here, it's another trip up the mountains to refill air into the balloon

- once you have filled up the taxi with fuel, click on the rope to ring the bell again
- the ending sequence will begin
- watch the cutcene
- Congratulations! You have completed Samorost 2.