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Friday, January 06, 2006


- click on the right side of the large pipe you're standing on to walk to that area, causing the pipe to break and a fly to appear
- if you look carefully, there's a stone at the bottom left that is preventing the bug from crawling up the cliff
- click on the stone to make it fall off
- this part requires a bit of timing. see the creature with a long tail that is hanging off a branch?
- click on it when the bug is just next to it to make the creature eat it
- the creature will vomit some stuff which will land on the pipe
- click on the fly, the stuff that the creature vomited will attract the fly
- click on your character to make him jump and shake off the stuff from the pipe and scare the fly away
- the fly will be trapped by the spider's web on the top right, and a spider will appear to cocoon it in it's web
- click on the cocoon itself to use it as a rope and reach the hole on the bottom right


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This is an excellent image. I can't identify the pipes on the image since it doesn't look like a large pipe.

7:19 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, for the blog, it's a great one! Good work! How did you get all this info? I know that I completed it when I was 7, but I forget these things! Love the game/games, do you? Obviously, but really? Thanks Tim.

D :)

12:40 PM  
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