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Saturday, January 07, 2006


- click on your character
- click on the green bug on top of one of the trees
- place the green bug on the vine that is holding you captive
- click on the lower left side of the screen to exit the area

- click on the entrance to enter the large shell
- click on the middle jar to pop the cork
- move your mouse cursor to the left side of the screen to reveal more of the area
- click on the small anteater to make it fall off, put the cork into the hole the large anteater was drinking from before it picks up the small anteater and place him back on the pipe
- enter the house again, and push your mouse cursor to reveal the right side of the area
- (inside the house) turn the right handle which is just to the left of the pot
- click on the creature that is holding onto one of the plants with long stems to cause it to jump off
- click on the creature again to make it jump to another plant and cause some seeds to land in the pipe
- (left area) click on the long handle next to the large anteater repeatedly to pump water into the pot
- turn the handle just below the pot to boil the water
- turn on the pipe just above the bucket to cause the snail to drink it and fall asleep
- pick up the hammer and return to the area where your ship landed
- hit the robot on the head with the hammer to open the chute and enter it


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